Wanted: Project Consultant Poland (Warszawa, Łódź or Wrocław

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Wanted: Project Consultant Poland (Warszawa, Łódź or Wrocław

Post autor: Sabrina » 11 lut 2015, o 16:59

Dear guys,

at first I wan´t to apologize that I have to write in english because I´m not used to the Polish language and we are urgently looking for an employee for planning Smart Home Projects, do technical support to our partners and lead trainings.

May I introduce ourself:
Loxone Electronics was founded in 2009 in Austria to make Smart Homes affordable and available for everybody. We sold our first Loxone Miniserver in June 2010. Since then we have been very successful all over the world.

Loxone is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, and we regularly receive requests for project support from Poland. Therefore, we have decided to set up an office in Warsaw, Wrocław or Łódź.

Now we are looking for an employee who builds up a professional Partner network in Poland. He is responsible for leading trainings, do technical Support, help our partners in planning Loxone Smart Home Projects and acquire new partners.

Our expectations:
• A passion for Smart Homes
• Good knowledge of German
• Technical Background (ideally degree in Electrical Engineering of equivalent)
• Several years of experience and network of contacts in sales electric industry
• High self motivation and self-sufficiency
• Excellent communication skills
• Impeccable telephone manner and interpersonal skills
(emphasis electrician)
• You must be able to commute to work in Warsaw, Wrocław or Łódź

Here you can find the official job offer http://www.loxone.com/enuk/company/care ... loper.html

Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
I´m also would be very happy if you can give me a recommendation of somebody who may fits into this position. My email adress is sabrina.haselboeck@loxone.com

Please find out more about Loxone and our culture on loxone.com/jobs

Loxone Electronics